• Workout Hygiene - Should you be Worried?

    Working out is supposed to be great for your health, and is one of the pillars of living a more robust life, but it can also increase your exposure to a virus or bacterial illness.

  • 5 Tips On Eating While Traveling

    Here a little bit of planning is important in order to avoid making last minute decisions to pick up unhealthy food.

  • Are Carbs REALLY the Enemy?

    Whether it be the infamous Keto diet, or the Atkins diet, brought to the public by the doctor who died of a heart attack, or the Paleo diet...different types of dogmas have emerged from the base of low-carb dieting. Are carbs really that bad?

  • What Causes My Muscles to Be Sore?

    You’ve started working out. You hit the gym, and right off the bat, you feel great, so you decide to stay there and push. You're super pumped and can't wait to go back tomorrow.  The next day, you wake up, you feel tired, and decide to take the day off from the gym, so you can go back the next day and give it your all. So, the day after, you can barely move without wincing in pain. Everything hurts!! You've never felt so sore before, so you begin to question your age.

  • What are Personal Trainers Good for?

    The personal training profession saw a major boom since the new millennium, with personal trainers popping up in every gym, in personal training studios, and online. Despite the growth of this profession, there is still the connotation that having a personal trainer is a luxury, not a necessity. But does that have to be the case?